Mohamed Mezghani

PTx2 Strategy for doubling the market share of public transport worldwide by 2025 (2010-to date)

  • Follow up and co-ordinate the methodology and tools required for strategy planning and progress including proposal evaluation, Work Plan implementation, project management, budget supervision and internal communication, including:
  1. Consult with the relevant departments and regional offices in order to identify they contribution to the strategy through existing or new activities and services
  2. Develop a PTx2 Work Plan and the related budget, and advise the Management Board for its coherent and long/medium-term milestones & communication (incl. integration into existing UITP work plan and activities).
  3. Follow up the progress of PTx2 Work Plan and monitor the budget and advise the Management Board for its smooth implementation (incl. alert on difficulties, delays)
  4. Ensure inter-departmental coordination and facilitation
  5. Report to relevant UITP Bodies on the progress of the PTx2 Work Plan.
  • Manage and coordinate the process for launching, evaluating and selecting the PTx2 awards¬†handed over in Dubai 2011 Congress, including:
  1. Design and launch the call for applications and the evaluation process, and ensure its promotion through the relevant channels with the involvement of the relevant departments and regional offices
  2. Collect the applications and coordinate the evaluation and selection process with the relevant UITP Bodies, departments and regional offices.
  3. Prepare the hand over process in Dubai 2011 and related publicity with the relevant departments and regional offices

The call led to 155 applications from 42 countries on all continents. 9 organisations have been rewarded in different categories. More information on PTx2